West Texas Crane Hunting

Come experience the end of one of the longest migrations on earth! Cranes migrate to West Texas for the winter season and stay through December and January. The summer habitat for these birds can be as far to the north as Russia! Luckily, our Guides have extensive experience and knowledge of these creatures and their migration patterns. We believe Cranes represent one of the ultimate migratory prey and they’re to be respected.

Crane hunting guides start at $250 per person or $225 for groups of 3 or more! As always, your children can join your hunt absolutely free and experience memories they will never forget. Our Crews have the necessary equipment and experience to help. Also, be sure to check out our Spend The Day With Us special if you’re interested in hunting Wild Quail in addition to Cranes.

Email us anytime at Joepalumbo16@gmail.com to schedule a hunt, or to get more information. Be sure to include “West Texas Crane Hunting” in the subject line. We  can’t wait to schedule a Crane hunt for you ASAP!